Petite Style

Petite Kardashian Sisters| 5′ and 5’3′ |

Petite Celeb, Ashanti, at Cielo on September 28, 2011 in New York City.

Petite Vixen, Jada Pinkett Smith , 5’1″

What is the definition of Petite?

5'4" & UNDER Standing Tall in Fashion

When we refer to petite, most people assume we mean tiny. However, in the fashion world, petite refers to a size range of clothing that is made to fit the shorter woman who is 5′ 4″ or under. When you’re shopping for petite clothing, it’s important to check retailers’ size charts because a few retailers designate 5′ 3″, rather than 5′ 4″, as the top height for their petite clothing.  (derived from

5’2″ Nia Long

Why does it matter?

This is a personal journey for me. I had a complex about being short for many years. I went through a great deal of soul searching to finally accept myself. I want to be a source of inspiration to others who are struggling to fit in the mold that society calls “average”.  All people are beautiful. We, petites,  are included. 🙂

Petite Celebs? 

I’ve done loads of research and I will post highlights often of petite celebs and the styles they are wearing.

To name a few, Anita Baker, Eva Longoria Parker, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Shakira, Nia Long, and Reese Witherspoon.

Keep checking as I will add to this list. 🙂

image:Cosmopolitan Magazine

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen,5′ 2″, attending the preview of Kanye West clothing line


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