My Hair Journey | FAQ

 In the summer of 2008, after years of wasting money on expensive relaxers and noticing how incredibly thin my hair was looking, I decided to go natural. I cut off all of my chemically treated hair and rocked a tiny afro.

Around the same time, my youngest daughter who didn’t grow a head full

of hair until around her 2nd birthday had really soft fine hair, I didn’t want to relax it, and so it was all the more reason for me to learn how to take care of our natural hair. A year later, I started photo journaling about my new natural hair journey and in 2009; I made the leap to video. Since then, I’ve filmed about 15 hairstyle videos. My videos have been featured on a few hair and lifestyle blogs including, Fast forward to now, July 2011, I’ve made the commitment to make more hair videos on a consistent basis while maintaining my blog, too.

 Below are some common questions I answer about my hair. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me:

(frequently asked questions)

1. How long have you been fully Natural?
I started my hair journey in May/June of 2008. That makes 3 years in 2011.

2. How did you start your journey?
I intended to transition (grow out my relaxer) but I sporadically decided to do a Big Chip on May 28, 2008. I cut it even shorter a few days later on June 2. You can start by transitioning or doing the Big Chop. The method you choose depends on your personal preference.

3. Are you mixed or bi-racial?
Nope! Other than the usual, “I got Indian in my family”, both of my parents are African American. 🙂

4. Did you put a texturizer in your hair to make it curly?
No, my hair has not been chemically altered at all.

5. Who maintains your hair?
I do! In 3 years of being natural, I’ve never been to a professional stylist.

6. How often do wash you hair?
I wash my hair every week. (sometimes less often)  It depends how lazy I’m feeling.

7. How long does it take to wash your hair?
It can take me anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours, it depends on what my hair needs. Deep conditioning can take an hour or more. Add detangling to the regimen and it’s another hour.

8. My hair is relaxed. Can I start the process of going natural?
You’ll need to grow out your hair or cut the relaxed ends before you can start your journey.

9. I hate the short phase! What can I do to make my hair grow faster?
Get extensions or just wait it out. Sadly, there’s no secret formula for hair growth.

10. What hair products do you recommend for my natural hair?
There are a lot of great products on the market for natural hair. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you. I recently began using the Shea Moisture products (found in Target stores) it’s an amazing line of natural conditioners, curly girl maintenance, and shampoos. I also alternate between the Kinky Curly products and the ECO Styler gels. Aside from that my main recommendation is to STAY AWAY FROM PETROLEUM, MINERAL OIL, AND ALCOHOL! These ingredients clog pores, cause dryness, and serve no purpose to the well-being of your hair. They are cheap fillers.

Here is a video of first my first two years as a Natural.


3 thoughts on “My Hair Journey | FAQ

  1. DeAndra says:

    Your hair is so beautiful.. Im going through the short phase and sometimes I don’t like it I never knew I could get extensions!! I thought it would damage your hair or something..Wow I never knew that thanks for the advice..

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