Motivation Monday:: Ciara’s Body Party

Heeey Friends! Sunday night, like millions of others, I was tuned in to the 2013 BET awards. One performance stood out for me and makes me want to take my workouts to a new, higher level, CIARA! Ciara performed two of her songs, Body Party and I’m out; she did an amazing job.  She revealed her toned body and her abs of steel! I was blown away by her fierceness and obvious dedication to her craft. Here’s a picture I snagged from Instagram of her performance. I love that she’s fit but not super muscular.

Ciara shows off her sexy abs

Here’s the first step to get going on this new fitness journey:



I will share workouts that I do as I embark on this.

This ten minute tummy workout looks like a good start to sculpting my abs.

Ten Minute Tummy Workout

Ten Minute Tummy Workout

If you have any tips on getting a toned and tight tummy, please share!

Thanks so much!

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Enjoy Your Journey…. to owning your own business!! 🙂

~ Kristi