NEW Blog Series: Launching A PRODUCT LINE #entrepreneurship #candles #makeup #boss

Hey there!

Everywhere we turn nowadays, it seems, that everyone is promoting self branding, affiliate marketing, direct sales and I think I know at least 6 people that are about that crazy wrap thing. There’s nothing wrong with any of that but I know there are still some of you, who are like me, you really want a tangible product that has your own company name on it.  In your heart of hearts, you know you want total control of your business and its longevity. You want your own line of makeup, t-shirts, planners, or is coffee your thing?

square layout of 4 products

You’ve seen the vision of owning your own products but you have no idea where to start, who to call, and what it takes. There are a lot of hidden secrets to building a product line but I’ve tapped into it.

When I started my line of Kissed By KC Pure Soy candles, I knew ABSOLUTELY nothing. I have created a gorgeous line of candles that celebrities swoon over. Whether you want to launch a makeup line, bath and body products, purses, mugs, whatever it is, the blueprint is the same. I have done the work and I’m here to help you.

tips to launch products

I’ve decided to launch a series right here and on Periscope that will take your vision from a dream into reality. I’ll walk you thru the  process and have you ready to launch a product line that you will be proud of and so will YOUR customers!

Follow me now on Instagram  @kristi_shanks and on Periscope @KissedByKC to stay updated when we go live. Go ahead and get your notebooks ready. I’m about to change your life.

Congratulations and welcome to true entrepreneurship!


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