How to jumpstart or ReStart a Fitness journey

I’ve received great questions about my weight loss journey. I’m addressing the comment shown below because it or some variation is my most frequently asked:

“Any pointers or tips on what you did? I’m on yet another fitness journey. I did awesome on my first one but I’ve gained it all back and I look like my before pic again. I should be ashamed but I now have a chance to help another group of people get fit with me again.”

PLEASE do not be ashamed, we are humans and not expected to do everything right. Enjoying The Journeys is a no judgement zone. After you read my little story to here, you will see, I am you and there are several us’ who will read this and relate to what we’ve been through.

4 quick tips to get fit now

Several years ago,  I was in the gym at least twice a day with my personal trainer. I ate all the “right foods”, I knew my body fat %, and I lifted weights. I was determined to look a certain way and be as thin as possible. Healthy was not at the forefront, I wanted to be teeny tiny. When life events happened and I could no longer afford the trainer, I stopped abruptly with my workouts and stopped eating foods that were good for me. Slowly, I picked up weight and became heavier than I’d  ever been. Looking back, I started that journey for the wrong reason; I started because someone told me I was chunky. I thought, I’ll show them that I am not chunky. The trainer became a crutch. I relied on him to tell me what to eat, when to eat, and how hard to push when training. I gave him control. It was not for nor about me.

Tip 1: Make sure you are doing this because you want to and not to please those around you.  

I spoke about changing my life and getting fit again for many, many months. I did crash diets, fasts, juicing, and some rather odd quick fix things. Nothing worked….. long-term. I finally made up my mind to do it in my own way and not rush the results.  The best thing for me was to ease into it. I didn’t stop eating my favorite foods and  begin working out at the same time. That would have overwhelmed me or made it feel too much like “work”. I started working out first and developed a routine of going to the gym on a schedule.PhotoGrid_1405045927776

Tip 2: Start slowly. Do not alter your eating and start working out all in the same day if it makes you feel like you are depriving yourself or dieting. Incorporate one or the other and pick up better habits along the way.

I started on the treadmill, the bike, and the elliptical…..after a few weeks, it became, blah blah blah blah.. it was boring. Lucky for me, I was invited to try a Zumba class. I went to one class in mid August 2013 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I LOVE IT. I was excited to go, so much so, that I did 5 nights a week, sometimes for 2 hours. The fat was burning off of me and I saw the changes take place in my body. Talk about elation, I was over the moon. Doing something I love and loosing weight?!? YES! Give me more and It’s still my favorite!

TIP 3 : Find something that excites you.  Give several things a try; you will know what sparks you. When it does, keep doing that.


After I was consistently working out, the transition to make healthier food choices was natural. It also peaked my interest to try other fitness options…HIIT training, weight lifting, boot camps, PiYO. I switched it up but my main staple is Zumba. I do not see my passion for it diminishing. It’s turned into a complete healthy lifestyle change.  I’m doing this for me, not for a personal trainer or anyone else. That is the absolute best feeling.  Also, it is key to understand this,  You have to love your body at your current weight/shape in order to change it.

Tip 4:  If you do not love yourself before you start a fitness journey, nothing you do will seem satisfying. Enjoy the entire process and have fun. You have a lifetime; there is no rush.

Thank you for following me and asking about my journey. I am happy to give you tips and pointers that helped me drop 30 pounds. I hope this has helped you in some way. I will be happy to share more. Feel free to send more questions.


Please note: I am not a personal trainer nor a physician, the advise and tips worked for me but before you begin this or any weight loss journey, please consult your doctor first. 🙂

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