What is The Law Of Attraction?

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I was emailed a link to the movie “The Secret” right after my dad died in 2006. I was sad and in a terrible place mentally. I felt like my life would be over soon, too. I watched the movie and was drawn in. This seemed to be “the” answer to everything. Ask. Believe. Receive. It was an introduction to the Law Of Attraction. I was in shock to this new way of thinking. Why hadn’t I heard of this before and if life was so easy, why did mine suck???? These were questions I was asking myself.


Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I forwarded the link to as many people I could. I searched online for more information on the subject. I also joined a Youtube group of like minded folks who put this law into 90 day challenges. The basic premise was to see what small things we could manifest, (free lunches, front parking spots, spotting odd color cars like hot pink) and share our manifestations with each other via videos we posted. We became a close group of friends and I’m still connected to a handful of them across the world. That one link was life changing.

The Law of Attraction is not anti-religion nor anti-God, nor anti-Buddha, nor anti-anything; it is the exact opposite. It opens your mind to watch your tongue and stop using negative energy in your life. It makes you believe that you can manifest what you see in your mind. The Law of Attraction will always work whether you believe it or not.

There is so much to talk about on the subject of Law of Attraction so I’ll make this it’s own series, we’ll dabble in it frequently because this post will be waaay too long if I try to type all that I’ve learned in this one little post. ( vision boards, action, faith, relationships, money,etc.)

Here are celebs who’ve shared information publicly about their belief in The Law Of Attraction. (image and video)


Have you heard of “The Secret” (Law of Attraction)? If you have any questions or want me to post something specific on the subject, let me know.

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