Challenge, Challenge, and Oh, Another Challenge | #31WriteNow

Heeey Friends,

Yaay, another month has come in .. perfect for starting new things! I’m really excited about August. Call me crazy but I’ve decided to take on some new challenges for the month and plan to accomplish them. I’m going to put forth my best effort on each one. Send good vibes and pray for me, ya’ll. 🙂

The first challenge I signed up for is the #31WRITENOW Blogger Challenge. Its main goal is to get us bloggers to Blog Everyday for the next 30 days. I found out about it through Toia B. from  The actual challenge was started by Luvvie from

I love the simplicity of this…. No rules, no topic suggestions, Simply Blog.


The 2nd Challenge is my favorite. I’ve done it 2x before and had great results. I’m joining Oprah and Deepak on the 21 day meditation challenge (starts August 5). If you’ve never done meditation before, this challenge would be great for you. They are always so enlightening. Join me on the journey!

21 day meditation challenge

My final challenge is to do a new advanced fitness challenge. I’m pumped about it. I like it because I can do this at home or when I’m at the gym. By the middle of the challenge, I may post some progress pics but DO NOT hold me to it. LOL

Here is the challenge (plan):

12 weekexercise workout plan

Soo, my August will be filled with Challenges but I’m more than ready, willing, and able to do them all!! I will really appreciate your support and would be thrilled if you’d join me on this/these journeys!

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