Weekend wrap up and what’s hot on Pinterest

Heey Ya’ll. Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend. Me and the hubby went to a friends 40th birthday party on Saturday. It was great fun. The most memorable moment for me was doing the old school soul train line. As a proud member of the rhythm- less nation, I did my best to stay on beat to the music but something tells me that I didn’t stick my moves the way I envisioned it! Any-who, I’m relaxing a bit today, doing a little pinning ( I hope you know about Pinterest, if not, google it and prepare to loose at least an hour of your life) :), and wanted to share what I’ve stumbled upon that looks pinteresting ;-). link to the original pins are here

Love the simple tip Flag design on the nails for 4th Of July

4th of July Nails

4th of July Nails

Free Printable Fourth of July Tags & Easy Marshmallow pops. Yum!

Printable for 4th of July

Printable for 4th of July

I saw this at the party I mentioned earlier. Instant Love! Gotta have one.

Furla See Thru Totes

Furla See Thru Totes

Natural Hair Obsession Alert! These twists are gorgeous and look so easy breezy. Perfect for Summer.

Natural Hair Twists

Natural Hair Twists

Well, that’s about it for now and what I’m pinning. Are you on pinterest? If so, what’s your current obsession?

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