Whitney Pozgay’s New #Anthropologie Collection Is Made With Us #Petite Girls in Mind

Petite Gals, Rejoice: Whitney Pozgay’s New Anthropologie Collection Is Made With Us in Mind via BettyConfidential.

Are you a petite Betty? I sure am. At not quite 5’0”, I’m kind of toy-sized. It has its advantages—my legs don’t feel as squashed on airplanes and I fit into small spaces fairly easily—but it’s also got plenty of disadvantages: Things like not being able to reach anything in my kitchen without climbing on a chair to get to it; having to find someone tall to help change burnt out light bulbs; and the fact that most off-the-rack clothing is cut for people much, MUCH taller than I am. Sure, I can try to shop “regular” clothing in smaller sizes, but something about them often just doesn’t fit right—the shoulders are too broad, skirts meant to hit above the knee hit slightly below it instead, cropped pants just look like normal-length pants, and so on. And with petite departments in most clothing stores going the way of the dinosaur over the past few years, what are the shorter ladies of the world to do? 



Designer Whitney Pozgay to the rescue! Whitney,  who’s the mastermind behind the gorgeous WHIT line, has teamed up with Anthropologie on a new capsule collection that’s absolutely perfect for summer—for petite and non-petite gals alike. Inspired by a trip to Mexico, the nine pieces of the WHIT Two collection feature bright colors, playful embroideries, bold prints, and a fabulous, beach side feel. The best part? Six of the pieces are available in both regular and petite sizes, and three of them are exclusively petite. Woot Woot!

In a video on Anthropologie’s blog, Whitney takes us behind the scenes on the photo shoot for her WHIT Two collection, dishing about her favorite piece,  the trials and tribulations of trying to dress yourself for a world that’s generally much taller than you are, and more. Check it out here:

You can shop the full collection here; come back here and tell me about some of your favorites!

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