Natural Hair News:: Solange Knowles tells haters to Quit it!

Solange Knowles: Quit picking on my natural hair! Singer tells haters: ‘My hair is not very important to me’

image Charles Eshelman/Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Solange recently did an interview for Essence Magazine where she discussed her natural hair journey. The link to that interview is here but the article sparked even more attention to her natural mane. She asks that people quit picking on her hair. Here is that article via NY Daily News:
Solange Knowles is loud and proud when it comes to speaking out about her natural hair.

And she’s not interested in what hair-obsessed haters think.

In a series of eleven tweets posted last week, the singer spoke out against those who bashed her less-than-perfect locks.

In an interview with Essence magazine, Knowles mentioned that she was showing off her natural curls these days.

But not everyone was liking what they saw.

Natural hair blogger Curly Nikki posted an excerpt from the June interview Knowles did in the June issue of Essence magazine — and then the comments started.

“Natural hair can be VERY beautiful. Solange’s hair is not. Even if she wore an afro, pick it out even or something. It always looks unkempt,” one person wrote. “Boo for not even trying to represent with her natural fro’ness,”

Others accused the singer of covering up her curls rather than taking the time to show them off.

“Solange wears ‘natural’ wigs more than she wears she own natural and when she does, it looks dry, unstyled and unshaped,” another person wrote. “If she’s truly proud of her natural look, she needs to get from under the wigs and work with her own hair.”

Thursday, Knowles responded on Twitter, asking people to please stop wigging out.

“I’ve never painted myself as a team natural vice president. I don’t know the lingo and I don’t sleep with a satin cap,” she wrote.

“My hair is not very important to me…so I don’t encourage it to be important to you.”

She also took issue with those that demanded she style her hair with ‘twist outs,” a look she doesn’t like.

“Connnnfesssioonnn: I HATE twist outs,” she wrote. “So I end up always picking them/steaming them out.”

In her interview with Essence, Knowles speaks about the “worthwhile journey” that is donning the natural look.

“Just because you’re natural doesn’t mean you’ll be able to wash, shake and go. It’s a lot of work,” she said. “If it’s something you truly feel strongly about and it’s going to represent you in lifestyle, hair care and health, then it’s a worthwhile journey to take.”

Ok ladies ( and gents)…What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Solange or “the so-called haters”?



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