Daily Kiss:: Make Your Day Great, EVERYDAY!

“So, what were the principles that I gave to guarantee that a person could have a GREAT day every day?  Here they are:

Focus on Today Only.
Yes, we need to have long-range goals.  But our focus must be on today. Don’t think about tomorrow.

Today is enough trouble in and of itself.  You can work on tomorrow when it gets here.  Instead, make today the best day you have ever had. Realize that when you lay down to sleep tonight you will have just given up the only shot you will ever have at today.  Today is now gone and it is only a memory.  You only get one shot at your today so focus intently on making it all that it possibly can be.  Focus, focus, focus!  When you focus on making today great, you are on the road to guaranteeing that you will make your day GREAT, every day!

Embrace Your Power to Choose.
Dwight D. Eisenhower said that “The history of free men is never written by chance but by choice, their choice.”  When your today becomes your yesterday, you will look back and realize that that day was a result of your choices and your choices only.  “But wait, Chris, what if my boss controlled my day?  That isn’t my choice!”  But it is your choice to work for someone else!  You choose to let someone else tell you what to do. You choose the feelings of helplessness that overwhelm you when you feel bad that you do not control your own destiny.  The moment we realize that we have a gift from God that the animals do not have, mainly the gift of free will and choice, and when we realize the inherent power within that gift, and ultimately when we finally begin to exercise that gift, then and only then, will we begin to create for ourselves a GREAT day each and every day!  Take ownership of the direction in your life.  Make your choices then carry them out!

Your Attitude is Up to You.
You cannot control what others may do or say. But you do control your attitude.  Your attitude about whatever happens to you is up to you.

When something happens to you, you have the choice:  Will you let it get you down and depressed, keeping you from forging ahead and making the day the best one ever?  Or will you say to yourself that no matter what happens you are on the path to success and no obstacle will keep you from it?  Will you say, “Sometime you win and sometimes you lose – I guess this time I lost”?  Will you say, “Sometime you win and sometimes you learn – I can really learn something from this!”?

It is all in what attitude we choose.  Your attitude is up to you and when you choose to have a great attitude, you are choosing to guarantee to have a GREAT day, every day!

Live Out and Act on Your Priorities.
If we want to make our days great, then we have to live out those things that will by definition make our days great.  And those things are what are important to us.  They are our priorities.  So each morning you start out by saying, “What things are important to me today?  What are the things I need to accomplish in order for me to lay down tonight and know that I lived a GREAT day?”  Then you put those in order of most important to least important.

Don’t do what is fun.  Don’t do what is easy.  Do what is IMPORTANT!  Live out your priorities!  When you do, you will guarantee that you will make your day GREAT, every day!

Tomorrow, when you wake up, go through the four following points and see if you don’t make tomorrow a GREAT day:

Focus on today only.
Understand that I get to choose how today will go.
Remain in a positive attitude no matter what happens.
Live out and act on my priorities.

Do this and you will guarantee a GREAT day, every day! By Chris Widener”


Enjoy Your Journeys!! ~ Kristi


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