Daily Kiss:: Be easy

” It’s not what you go through that defines you; you can’t help that. It’s what you do AFTER you’ve gone through it that really tests who you are. ”  ~ Kwame Floyd

Let’s face it, we will all go through rough patches along our journeys. We stumble, we make mistakes. It’s what makes us human. How we cope with those circumstances will determine how other things unfold. If we continue to focus on those things that have caused us some sort of pain or discomfort in life, surely, more of that will come. You can’t focus on problems and expect anything other than more problems.  Instead, acknowledge the problem, feel the grief or bad feeling without dwelling on it too long, and move on to something that makes you happy. Everything always works out, whether we like it or not; there is always a solution.  Be easy about it and Enjoy Your Journey. ~ Kristi

Enjoy Your Journeys


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