Music Journey ‘Back to Love’ :: Anthony Hamilton

Back to Love, Available December 13

A few nights ago, I was lucky enough to meet Grammy Award winner, Anthony Hamilton. He was on tour and promoting his new album, Back to Love, which comes out December 13. His energy was infectious and soulful, just like his music. His spirit felt so pure. It was refreshing..{ya’ll know I’m a native of North Carolina, too} so I was happy to see he was a true southern gentleman.  The following evening I made the  drive to the Fillmore Hall in Silver Spring, MD to watch him perform.

Anthony Hamilton: WOO Tour Concert Goodies 12/7/2011

From the time I walked in, I knew  there was something special going on. This man commanded the stage and all of his energy just oozed all over the auditorium. His voice is a blessing. He sang his classics, Charlene, Cool, Point of it All,  and mixed in a few of his new tracks. I loved each song and the show really flowed. The sound was familiar but also fresh and new. It was definitely versatile and something for every music lover. Anthony took us to church for a minute. I was hand clapping and toe tapping along with him as he belted out, Jesus will work it. My favorite part of that segment, during his Hallelujah moment, he told the crowd, ” if you don’t like this part right here,  now is a good time for you to go pee, we’ll hold your spot”. Gotta respect a man who ain’t afraid to give praise.

Anthony’s new album comes out December 13. You can preorder it and its worth it. I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times already… I can’t pick a favorite because  each track did something to me. Each can be relevant and purposeful for someones journey. It’s one of those albums that you listen to in its entirety. Back to love is smooth and classic R&B..Woo is upbeat, fun,..a man who sees a woman that he finds attractive and as his lyrics say,  Woo, ……thick thang and a round a’bout... then there is Never Let Go featuring Keri Hilson that is hot! I’m a sucker for love stories ; this song had all of that. In classic Anthony fashion, he has a bit of his church roots mixed in with another favorite of mine, Pray for me. The last track, Life has a way, is phenomenal. It has an old feel, Anthony did a lot of soulful moaning in this song and the energy from it brought tears to my eyes. It’s real music.

If you like great music, this CD is a must!  It has twists and turns, ups and downs, an adventure. It could be a soundtrack for life. There’s a song for each part of your journey. Pre-order it now or pick it up December 13.

Photo credit:Adrian Sidney

Come back and let me know how much you like it.

And the point of it all…… is to…………   Enjoy Your Journeys  🙂  ~ Kristi


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