Natural Hair:: Quick tips and Hair Styles for Transitioners

Heeey Ladies  🙂 !!

I sometimes feel like a natural hair ambassador… always trying to convince relaxed lovelies to come to the other side and join the natural life. 🙂 I rarely have time in the conversation to explain to them just what it is to transition, how to do it, nor where to begin. sooooo, here is my attempt to show anyone who is on the fence just how simple the process can be.

What does it mean to transition?

Transition means growing your hair out of its relaxed state without cutting it.

How to start the Transition Process. If you relaxed your hair 6 weeks ago or 6 days ago, you can start the process now. Just let this relaxer be your last. Transitioning can be a bit frustrating because of the difference in textures. The process can be a lot simpler if you figure out the best products and hairstyles that suit you. The most important part of transitioning is PATIENCE, yes, patience. 🙂 I’ve added a few tips here that have worked for many who took this route to their journey to natural hair.

5 Quick Transition tips:

1) Set a hair goal. ( length, health)

2) Get to know your hair and its needs.

3) Keep your hair moisturized, especially where the relaxed hair meets your natural hair.

4) Avoid direct heat ( flat irons, pressing combs, etc)

5) Rock cute  hair styles { See below}

Transition Hairstyles : A few styles to get you started.


Fish tail Braid

Twist and Curl

Bantu Knots/Roller Sets

Bantu Knots on Dry Hair

Bantu Knots taken down

Flat Twists

Source tumblr | Flat Twists

Some ladies, including myself, opt to do a Big Chop instead of growing the hair out. This is simply, cutting all of the relaxed hair off , even if it is down to an inch. Big Chops sounds like an easy thing to do but believe me, It can be a shock to your  system. I never had such short hair and didn’t know what to expect.

Whichever option you choose, enjoy the journey.

If you have any questions, as always, Send me a message! 🙂  – Kristi


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