Petite Fashion:: Maxi [dress] not cute on this Mini

Maxi dresses are hot and everybody is wearing them especially the ladies on Basketball Wives…..they wear them ALOT. geesh 🙂

For the last 3 summers I’ve tried to find just the right maxi dress for my petite frame . (5′ ) . The last 3 summers, I failed. I love the look of them on most people  but my short stature just looks that much shorter when I try them on.

It was so frustrating. ( maybe it’s a good thing because I am almost sick of seeing so many of them this year ) 

I have bought other sun dresses but nothing comes close to the look I want.

Do you have any suggestions other than vertical stripes or patterns that elongate the frame?

I’ve tried solid colors, too..

Should I just scratch this obsession off my list and keep it moving? Let me know…

It’s still summer so if you suggest something I’ve not tried,  maybe I have time to find the perfect one.

Thanks ya’ll! 

Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi 


3 thoughts on “Petite Fashion:: Maxi [dress] not cute on this Mini

  1. Frankie Ortiz says:

    Hey Kristi!

    It is very tricky with all these awesome styles that never fit us right! I’m only 4’11” so I understand the pain! lol What I’ve learned works for petites as far as maxi dresses is, not only looking for vertical lines, and all over print if any at all, but the actual fabric itself. The problem with most maxi dresses are, they’re a) made of cotton or some other regular woven material, or b) they’re jersey knit which still doesn’t allow for much movement. What you want to look for is a maxi dress made from some sort of chiffon. It’s very lightweight, drapes beautifully, and has great movement. It will lay flat and smooth on your upper torso and waist, and from your waist (instead of just gathered under your bust) will flow down following your curves. I’ve tested it and SUCCESS! Maxi dresses for the petites!

    here’s an example of what it will look like

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