Journey to Zen:: Unwanted Thoughts

Getting rid of those unwanted thoughts

Guest post written by Karen Price ( Journey to Zen)

This past weekend I joined my husband on a project he has been working on for a neighbor of ours.  He has been painting a rental property and asked me to come along to take a look at some holes in the wall to see if it was something I could fix.   When I entered the house, there were mirrors on every wall in the living room.  Not the little tiny decorative mirrors but mirrors that virtually hid the entire wall.  My first thought was, wow how wonderful it would be to have these at my home to check my alignment as I practice yoga but then I caught a 360 degree glimpse of my hips, stomach, thighs, and rear end.

The self sabotaging, negative thoughts came flying in as if they were invited to some black tie affair.  I immediately started beating myself up quietly in my head, so much so that I couldn’t even concentrate on what my husband was saying to me at the time.  His voice became not unlike the teacher in Charlie Brown.  I started to really feel down about how much weight I had re-gained when I remembered that I am in control.  The voice I allow to speak those abusive things to me was my own, so what am I telling myself?  I shook my head and began to speak positivity to the negativity. Before I accompanied my husband this morning, I woke up, brushed my teeth and headed straight to the basement level to do 7 Sun salutations.  I am proud of my accomplishments even though there have been setbacks along the way.  Sun salutations make me happy and Yoga doesn’t come in one size fits “ALL”  but rather “ALL” size fits Yoga.  We must love ourselves and honor ourselves where we are.  It is ego that tells us we are not good enough or that we should fret about our perceived imperfections.  Beyond our egos there are no limitations.  I told my ego to simply shut up and then banished it to a field of lavender.  I am learning to accept and love me and each day it becomes easier to silence the negative thoughts and replace them with the truth.( For full post including video, click here.)


Yogini KP


One thought on “Journey to Zen:: Unwanted Thoughts

  1. denisebenson says:

    Thank you so much Karen for sharing your insight on how to overcome negative thoughts. What an awesome post…I enjoyed reading this helpful advice. It’s always great to have a way to overcome negativity and I find that exercising and even so recently, yoga keeps me well grounded and tuned into self. The sun salutation pose is very helpful! I agree with what you said about the importance of loving where we are in the moment. When we do that, it helps us to focus in on the areas in our lives where change is needed for the better in whatever we want in life. Keep up the excellent work!:-)

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