Natural Hair:: Define Curls with ECO Styler and Paul Mitchell Conditioner

Hey ladies!Summer is in full swing now! I hope yours  is fabulous and you are having a fun time getting out and about. I’m taking advantage of this warm weather to try new methods of achieving a great wash and go and I found a really awesome combination!!

 ECO Styler Gel with Moroccan Argan Oil and Paul Mitchell The Conditioner as a leave in.

The duo made my hair defined, little frizz and lasted several days. Oh yeah, I had less shrinkage than any other gel I’ve used. I think the oil weighs the hair down more than other brands. I’m  not sure what is in the stuff that makes it oh so good, but I love it!!

Here are a few pictures and check out the video of how I apply products to my hair to define my curls. This is the same process ( minus sitting under a dryer)  I used with the ECO Argan Oil.

Eco Styler Plus Paul Mitchell = Dynamic Duo for me!

Eco Styler/Argan Oil
ECO Gel w/Argan Oil

ECO w/Argan Oil

Freshly applied products to my hair

ECO Styler Argan Oil Gel plus Paul Mitchell The Conditioner

After Hair is completley Air Dried

After hair is completely Air dried

Thanks for reading!! Let me know if you have any questions! Leave comments and/or suggestions if you have any.

As Always, Enjoy your Journeys. ~ Kristi


2 thoughts on “Natural Hair:: Define Curls with ECO Styler and Paul Mitchell Conditioner

  1. Chonel Rushing says:

    Hi Kristi,
    I think your hair turned out really nice, great definition. I’ve been natural for almost three years now, and have been on the cg method going on 7weeks now. I started out only using TN conditioner which was great, however I decided to try the combo you tried, only I used the Sally’s generic brand for the Paul Mitchell the conditioner and the brown ecostyler gel. My hair turned out fabulous, like yours. How many days have you been able to keep your style using this combo?

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