A Journey to Zen:: Which path to choose

When everything is seen as One, we return to the Source
and stay where we have always been.. -Seng-t’san

Journey to Zen: Which Path to Choose

Post written by Karen Price ( Journey to Zen)

As I sat in  Sukhasana “easy seated pose” this morning trying to quiet my mind and ease into my day, I suddenly became overwhelmed with the thought that lately I’ve been surrounded by change seemingly moving at the pace of a tropical storm.  One moment I was doing the mundane, handling several contracts, growing my small business and without warning the breeze of change swooped in and swept away the familiar.  Breathing deeply I try to shake the thoughts out of my head and come to a quiet place but this morning I am struggling to reach my goal.   I start to focus my mind on the breath once again “I am breathing in, I am breathing out”.

Finally I managed to quiet my mind for a few needed moments.  As I came out of my Sukhasana, even though I was feeling a bit more relaxed, my mind went racing back to the thoughts of the changes taking place around me and I began to wonder where life is taking me?  I can’t help feeling as if I am at a fork in the road of my life and what I choose here could make a huge difference.  I suppose that if I stop thinking about the “what if’s” and trying to predict the outcome of my choices it will be a lot easier.  I can choose the path of familiarity or I can choose to be bold and walk the path of the unfamiliar and live in the moments as they unfold.  That’s not to say that I’ll do absolutely nothing while it unfolds but instead try to open up to the possibilities of the unforeseen.  Hmmm…What to do, what to do?  On this journey of enlightenment, perhaps the answer lies within the quest. Perhaps I need not choose a path at all.  Just maybe, being present right here right now is all that is required.  My yoga pose for today has been Sukhasana.  If I still my mind and connect with Source, all will unfold as it should be.


Yogini KP

For full post, visit : A Journey to Zen

Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi


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