Journey to Zen:: Overcoming Fear


Blog post written by Karen Price ( Journey to Zen)

My Yoga Instructor, a very beautiful person both physically and spiritually, shared a piece of wisdom that until now didn’t have my full attention. The pearl of wisdom she shared was the belief that FEAR is nothing more than “False Evidence Appearing Real”. It has been over a year now since I first heard those words spoken but during my present journey it has been playing over and over in my head. What is stopping me from reaching all of the goals I set for myself? What is holding me back from becoming my best self? So many times in my life I’ve been decidedly afraid to finish. I will travel the path and suddenly find myself standing beside it and looking at it from all angles in an attempt to figure out if it will work or how it will work. Usually this is when the “false evidence” finds a way to keep me off the path for long periods of time and sometimes forever. I am not yet certified as a yoga instructor. I have but a 90 minute practicum to take and provided I accomplish what is required, I will receive my certification to teach what I love. I’ve been dealing with a lot of aches and pains here and there….left knee, right heel, right shoulder. Sometimes the anticipation of the pain will actually become larger than life in my head and I will back off for days or even weeks. Have I convinced myself yet again that there is evidence that I cannot achieve my goal?

Recently I went to visit my Instructor who I also consider a very dear friend and during our conversation she said that perhaps it is my fear of success that is the real issue. When she said it, I didn’t quite absorb it as I have already convinced myself that it was the physical pain that has really kept me from attaining my certification. Now that I’ve had a few days to reflect over our conversation, it makes perfect sense. Do I actually have pain? Yes I do but is it the complete reason for not moving forward? I now completely reject that idea as the sole reason for standing still. On my journey to zen I resolve to stop and consider the F.E.A.R. in all areas of my life, recognize it and move beyond it because I can.Thank you Dana.

Yogini KP

Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi


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