Natural Hair: Quick Tips for Summer

Hey Ladies!!  Summer is here and in full swing. I’m preparing my hair for twists but wanted to share a few quick tips to care for your hair during the summer months! Enjoy. 🙂 I’ll use these tips even though my mane is all twisted up. 🙂

If you usually blow dry, and/or flatiron, summer is the perfect time to (1)  give your hair a vacation from heatwear your hair in wash and go hairstyles. Your  wash and go hairstyle will last even in humidity at those family cook outs and you will not have to worry about it sweating out when you are out at the clubs. ( not that I personally know much about clubbing 🙂 )

wash and go hair

(2) Avoid damage when swimming: Wet hair  before you get in the pool ( some suggest that you also slather conditioner throughout your hair) . Your hair will soak up the water and/or conditioner instead of the chlorine water. Always make sure you rinse well after swimming in the pool or ocean. The salt water will dry your hair out. * A fellow blogger @ has a very detailed  post on swim  hair care. Check out her blog for extensive info.

(3) Sun protection: If you are spending a lot of time in the sun at an outdoor concert or at the amusement parks, wear a hat to protect your hair from the intense rays of the sun.

Summer Hats protect Hair from the Extreme Heat from the Sun

(4) Drink plenty of water. Your hair will soak it up from the inside out. 🙂 Healthy hair is well moisturized hair. 🙂

Have fun this summer!!

 Enjoy Your Journeys. Kristi


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