Daily Kiss: Don’t badmouth

Don’t badmouth other women for promoting themselves. It’s easy to ask ‘Who does she think she is?’  BUT, every time we do, we’re sending a message that it’s wrong for women to say good things about themselves. Change the world and yourself by mentally saying “HURRAY” when another woman goes for it” ~Oprah

Enjoying the Journeys. ~Kristi


2 thoughts on “Daily Kiss: Don’t badmouth

  1. Karen says:

    This has to be one of the most understated things of all times. The cattiness of some women is mind boggling. If ONE of is is doing well then I see it as a step up for all of us. So Ladies if the brand of mouthwash you use daily is “Venomous” exchange your brand for minty fresh “Accolades”. Stop all the hating and start celebrating someone else s accomplishments and remember that what you put out into the Universe will surely find it’s way back to you…..”smh” and you actually thought all your bad luck was because “She is doing well” tsk tsk tsk.

    #1 Cheerleader of WOA (Women of Accomplishment)

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