Ultimate Natural Hair Icon:: Diana Ross on Oprah

Supreme icon, Diana Ross, appeared on Oprah 2/25/11.

She started the show with her famous song, I’m coming out, her voice was still amazing and she looked beautiful. I was drooling over her hair, of course I was, I ❤ natural hair. (I know, it could be a weave or wig but whateva, I loved it) lol

I have to admit that I was one of the folks who believed the rumors about Diana being the B word. During the interview and after seeing her with her 5 gorgeous, well rounded children, one being my hands down favorite NATURAL beauty, Tracee Ellis Ross, my mind completely changed. I liked Diana Ross, the person, as much as I like her  hair.

Check out the the interview and get to know all of Diana’s children:   http://www.oprah.com/showinfo/Supreme-Icon-Diana-Ross-Her-5-Children-and-Show-Stopping-Performance .

Did you see it on Oprah? What’s your take on her or her hair? 🙂

Enjoy your Journeys. ~Kristi


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