Natural Hair::No Love for Bi-racials because they have “Good Hair”??

Heeey!! I was just watching a few videos on Youtube of Taren916 and African Export , discussing an issue that has landed in the Natural Hair Community AGAIN. I typically have no comment on issues about hair.. other than actual factual stuff like scientific things on how to grow hair  .. anywho..

In my opinion, this debate is another way to divide WOMEN,  black, white, mixed, and OTHER. I do understand that some people can not let it go and still have complexes about “who they really are”.

My personal hair journey led me to self acceptance of ME and my kinky hair.  I just wish the day will come that we all get along and these issues of nappy hair, kinky hair, bad hair, good hair, that white girl hair will fall away.

It’s JUST HAIR.. it’s not a movement.. Women who embrace their natural hair and support each other by giving tips, tricks, and kudos, is a COMMUNITY.. not a movement, a movement excludes and leaves out those who do not belong in a certain box.

Watch the videos and tell me what you think. I’m not stirring the pot, I just wanna know if my rose colored glasses are fogging up again…

Can’t we all just get along? 🙂 You have natural hair? Good for you. You relax your hair? Good for you. You are bald? Good for you! …..:)

Thumbs up to AfricanExport on her comments..  Well said. 😉

Enjoy Your Journeys. ~Kristi


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