Natural hair:4 Quick Tips::Vol. 1

Heeey !!      Just thought I ‘d run down a few tips that I discovered along my journey to healthy, natural hair… ..

1) Water, Water, Water!

Inside and Out is good for your hair. Drink it up and   Pour it on. Your hair will LOVE IT!

2) Make sure your hands are clean before styling your hair.

For instance, if you cleaned your tub/shower with a typical bathroom cleanser  without wearing gloves. BEWARE: the chemicals left on your hands may reactivate with water or your styling products. NOT GOOD for your mane.

3) Make sure your nails have no snags. One nail that is not properly manicured could create a frizzy mess. Imagine your nails acting like a fine toothed comb to your curls. YIKES! Maybe it’s not your regimen or products that need trimming, it’s your nails.

4) Avoid towels when drying your hair.

Towels are made of cotton.  The fabric tends to be very harsh on the hair.

Wrap the t-shirt around your hair like you would a towel

Grab a t-shirt instead. The fibers are smoother and yet they soak up the water nicely. Less frizz is the result.

Want more tips?? Do you have tips to share? Add a message in the comment section!!

Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi


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