Ultimate Journey of a dream come true: Meeting Oprah

My gorgeous friend, Megan Castran ( Youtuber: Jewelchic) has the ultimate story of Enjoying the Journeys. I’m so happy I get to witness a good person getting a well deserved surprise!! To know Megan is to love her.

Megan Castran and Oprah in Australia

This past week, Megan had the surprise of her life when Oprah appeared at The Castran in Australia house to have tacos. (Megan has had taco night at her house every Monday for years) She was told the Oprah “people” from the U.S.  were gonna stop by but what a shock for her that OPRAH herself popped in, too. !! 🙂

Check out the video below or the links to articles about the story.

Herald Sun The Age:

I met Megan Castran in 2007 when we both joined a group on Youtube called, The 100 day Challenge.  It was a group of strangers sharing stories on video of how they wish to manifest goals in 100 days by putting the Law of Attraction into practice daily. What was originally an experiment turned into a bond and a group of friends supporting each other in everyday life. The founders held a meet up in Chicago in 2007, this was our first time meeting in person. We met again in July 2008 when she and her family( Paul, Zoe & Max) traveled to Washington, DC. We walked the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. That day was amazing for me and my dear friend, Karen.

From the very first video I watched of Megan, I was mesmerized by her energy and zest for life. She shared her travels, her love of Oprah, photography and her genuine peppy spirit. Staying true to who she was, Megan continued her mission of sharing her life with others and motivated me and so many others to keep dreaming and living a happy life.

Megan has once again inspired me to continue to Enjoy my Journeys.

Don’t YOU  stop believing!! Dreams do come true.

Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi


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