Natural Hair: Twist out results

Heeey! I hope your Thanksgiving was full of love, laughter and loads of gratitude!!

I took down my twists for Thanksgiving as I mentioned in the post about my deep conditioner recipe. I rubbed a dollop of coconut oil and jojoba oil in, unraveled, and shook my head like crazy. They were really shrunken so I had to keep pulling on them to get my desired look. (probably too much leave in conditioner and not enough aloe vera gel.) I will tweak the recipe the next time.

I liked the hair best as the day progressed. Here are the results of the twists I did using the homemade conditioner recipe.

(sorry for the poor image quality, blame my ANDROID phone)



















































Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi


3 thoughts on “Natural Hair: Twist out results

  1. Enid says:

    I am looking to twist my hair and then take it down for a curly look like the pics you have posted. I missed your earlier post. Can you tell me what type of process and ingredients you used to achieve the look? Thanks.

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