Natural Hair:Hair Products:Junkie Confession

Product Junkie HEAVEN

In honor of Thanksgiving, AKA, Turkey Day, I’m gonna quit cold turkey (bad pun, I know, roll with me anyhow people LOL ) a habit that I’ve yet to confess or admit to and that is, being a hair product junkie. Yes, I am, well, was a product junkie.

When I first big chopped, I had no idea how to care for my hair so I tried any and everything I saw on Fotki, youtube, and hair forums. I mean, I’ve used everything from Curl Activator, Gels, Creams, hair grease, herbs, berries, juices.. you get the point. I still have a lot of products left even after I gave away stuff twice to relatives and friends. RIDICULOUS but true.

Sooooo, I’m gonna take control of this situation and use up everything I have left before trying anything else. It should be an easy process, I’ve figured out what products work best for me so I have

Aubrey Organics, Kinky Curly, Quemet,Giovanni, Miss Jessies, Oils

no need to jump at the next big thing.

Am I the only person that has this much stuff in her bathroom?

And this isn’t all, I left out a few that are in another room. (Oyin Juices and Berries, YES to Carrots Conditioner, Stay Soft Fro activator, and IC Hair Polisher Gel)

Aussie,Herbal Essences, VO5,Giovanni, Mixed Chicks, Moisture Maniac

Tell me, are you a recovering product junkie or are you still at it?

Join me and JUST SAY NO!! 🙂

Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi


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