Natural Hair::4 Myths about Natural Hair Answered::Part 1

  • Myth: African-American hair will not grow long.
  • Fact: On average, the human hair grows about  1/2 ”  per month. I’ve personally experienced growth around 1″ per month.  Several factors contribute to the rate at which our hair grows. First and most obvious is genetics. Other factors include, your overall health, disease, illness, stress levels, etc. Most people assume the hair has stopped growing because of hair breakage.  Hair will always grow ( unless you suffer from certain diseases), Retaining length is usually the culprit for actually not seeing how long your hair has grown.

  • Myth: You must grease your scalp often.
  • Fact: If you are “greasing your scalp” with traditional hair grease, STOP immediately.  If you want your scalp  to breathe and allow the hair to come through. WHY? Our scalp creates its own oils called sebum.

    Jojoba Oil is excellent for dry scalp

    Most hair greases contain mineral oil and petroleum. These ingredients are notorious for clogging the pores and literally suffocating new hairs from sprouting.If your scalp is dry, use natural oils like jojoba oil instead.

  • Myth: African-American hair hates water.
  • Fact: All hair, including african american, needs moisture to retain length.  Moisture to the hair is vital for its overall health.  Everyday styling, such as flat irons, blow dryers, etc, takes a toll on the hair and weakens it. The average persons moisture is lost or depleted down so much that the hair begins to break and split. To retain moisture, use products that have water as a key ingredient combined with natural oils.
  • Myth: It’s good to comb/detangle your hair when it’s dry
  • Fact: Combing and attempting to detangle African-American natural hair is the wrong way to groom or style.

When a comb is pulled through the hair, intertwining of the hair occurs adding knots on the hair

strands leading to the perfect environment for breakage.

The comb will break off the hair at the places where there are knots. ( Kumalo, 2006 p. 888) Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb and a Denman-type  brush while the hair is saturated with a moisturizing conditioner. ( Video tutorial coming soon to show how I Detangle.)

Part 2, coming soon, on the HOW TO GROW and RETAIN LENGTH

Enjoy Your Journeys, ~ Kristi


One thought on “Natural Hair::4 Myths about Natural Hair Answered::Part 1

  1. Nina says:

    Hi I am going natural for a while, and I am in a challenge of maintaining growing long healthy hair. It done broke off, dried, fried and lay to the side pretty much

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