Natural Hair: Product Review::KLEAN Essential Treatment Oil

As the colder weather made its way in the southeastern region, I started thinking about how to maintain moisture to my hair and skin.

Coincidentally, I received a newsletter from KLEAN Spa that mentioned they were having a sale of  30% off.  I jumped at the chance to place an order.  Jennifer Hardaway, the founder, is super kind. I’ve emailed her in the past with questions and she replied quickly and pleasantly. That’s enough to want to buy from her, in my opinion. 🙂

I bought the 8oz. Essential Treatment oil with a pink grapefruit vanilla fragrance for $15.75 plus shipping. Oh MY GOSh, I’ve used this now for 5 days and absolutely love it!! It’s so awesome to use one product for my entire body and my natural hair. The scent is not at all citrus’ nor is it over vanilla-y. It’s a delightful soft smell that is not too overpowering. (Easy layering with my favorite Coco Chanel perfume.)

The treatment ingredients are sweet almond oil,coconut oil,avocado oil, sesame oil, castor oil,vitamin e, and fragrance (optional) . All good stuff. I’ve used it on my hair and it made it super soft.

Looks like this Essential Treatment Oil will certainly be a stable in my winter regimen.

What staples will you include in your regimen this season?

Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi


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