Petite Fashion: 4 General Tips to Appear Taller

Nordstrom's Image

Hey! Just wanted to share a few general tips to dress your petite frame. More specific posts will come later but for now, here are a few tidbits I just wanted to share.

  • Always go for vertical lines in fabrics. This doesn’t mean pick up every pair of pinstripe pants & tops you can find. Simply, pay attention to the fabric you are selecting. Rib knit sweaters, for example, create vertical lines.
  • Avoid bulky fabrics like wool, instead select soft cashmere or cottons
  • Dress in a monochromatic color scheme. Select colors from the same family NOT necessarily ALL the same color.
  • Stay away from large accessories like bulky/large jewelry, big handbags, large jewelry and wide belts.

Enjoy Your Journeys, Kristi


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