Real Housewives of….Bravo!

Real Housewives OC ( image)I have been hooked on the Real Housewives shows since the original airing of the Orange County crew back in 2008. Vickie’s woohooo’s won me over and the second season, Gretchen’s Tam-RAH episode, still crack me up.


Real Housewives of Atlanta ( image)


I never grew attached to the New Jersey women but other than them, I’ve been watching.  I’ve greatly enjoyed the women from the ATL, ( who doesn’t love NeNe? I mean, really…) but I am SUPER excited to see the  wives of Beverly Hills. ..More money,more drama. 🙂

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ( image)


Did you know that Paris Hilton’s auntie ( Kim Richards) is in the cast?? The season premieres tomorrow night, Oct 14 and I can’t wait! Will you be watching too?


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