Welfare to Billionaire

Did you know that J.K. Rowling, the creator/author of the Harry Potter book series was turned down 12 times before a publisher accepted her first book? Even that one “yes” publisher told her to not expect much.


Looking back on that meeting must make Ms. Rowling chuckle a bit. I mean, really, this woman is a mogul and has built an empire. All because she knew in her heart that she had something special. Her story is fascinating. If you’ve not heard about her path, check out the link or watch the clip below from her recent sit down with Oprah!

This quote gave me goosebumps: “I had this moment where I suddenly thought—it was like another voice speaking to me—and the voice said: ‘The difficult thing is going to be to get published. If it’s published, it will be huge,'” she says. “And that is exactly what it was.

Thank you Ms. Rowling for being an excellent source of inspiration for me today as I embark on yet another journey.

Would you have given up after you were turned down so many times in pursuit of your dreams? I’d love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment. 🙂


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